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   Over 20 Years of Custom Service   


At African American Bridal, it is our mission to provide quality, stylish and affordable wedding accessories and gifts. We specialize in creating an unforgettable wedding products for African American Brides. We have a large selection of wedding brooms and coordinating items, the set the trend for today's African American bride. As a designer, I have taken the time to research and select items that will help create the perfect infusion of culture. Our products are carefully crafted with quality materials and attention to detail. We are passionate about helping our clients find the prefect balance of  tradion and culture the will be remembered for years to come. 

Our Company 

African's product have been featured on "The Today Show", The Washington Post, showcased in  "The Indianapolis Musium of Art", The Heritage Bridal Show,  and is currely previewed in the text book publication of Wchwartz/Scott Collage text books, on marriages and famililies, diversity & Change,. to name just a few. Over the years transitioned to African American Bridal with a continued focus on education and infusion of culture. 

Our Past 

African American Bridal was created in 2003 as “With the growth of the Internet and the statistics that over 80% of brides are now planning some aspect of wedding online the choice was clear.  In 2002, armed with her faith and  the full support of her family and friends, Ka-Veronica launched a complete line of beautiful wedding brooms, coordinating  favors and accessories-all original designs, hand-crafted by Ka-Veronica.  In addition to her products, Ka-Veronica used the website to educate her customers on the origin, history, emotion, and intergration for each tradition.

Our Future 

Having always been the trendsetters in providing the most current resources Ka-Veronica hosted her cable television show The Heritage Bridal Show to further her quest to provide resources for ethnic brides, as well as showcasing unique and innovative entrepreneurs. “Heritage Bridal”  aired in 2008. All of her continued endeavors are infused with the continued vision of “Combining old and new...  defining you” and is now backed by a name that has become synonymous with elegance, culture and expertise.

Don't let the name fool you African American Bridal is a full service provider of wedding products and services  to fit any wedding setting, with  specialized expertise on the African American wedding and anniversary.

  "Combining the old with the new . Defining you" is  our signature statement. Interchanging ideas and concepts to create the ideal wedding atmosphere is now our signature result ! 

Habakkuk 2:2 “Write the vision and make it plain" 

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