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Wedding Cake Toppers & Figurines

Unique and playful wedding cake toppers and figurines 

Thinking outside of the Box.....


Design Selection 

Over the years decorations have become more and more custom and our ethnic cake toppers are no exception. Crafted in the highest quality with the utmost attention to detail, the ethnic wedding cake toppers are sure to meet, if not exceed, your expectations. Use our cake toppers and figurines to reflect your personality, cultural background, and individual taste. 


Mix and Match 

Ethnic wedding cake toppers, like all our wedding accessories, are about enhancing your wedding experience.  Like so many of our accessories, our cake toppers also have customizable options available. Mix and match our interchangeable bride and groom  for instance, to create the perfect combination.


Other Uses for Cake Figurines 

Consider using cake toppers as a way to spice up your table décor or place settings. While your wedding cake is the obvious choice, the posibilities  are endless and the style and quality of our cake toppers makes them ideal for numerous displays. Use your creativity when thinking about how to incorporate them into your special day. Depending on how personal your selection, the right toppers can easily become a significant memento of your wedding.


Keepsales to pass on 

Ethnic cake toppers are a great way to pay homage to your family, heritage, and history while still working within a larger theme. The designs toppers give them the ability to serve as focal points or simple accents for bigger elements. We want to help you achieve that signature look you're after in a very individual way. You wedding is the one day when it's ok to make it all about you!

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