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Bridal Gown- Cleaning and preserving

Preserving your wedding accessories

Your most coveted piece of clothing deserves more than a hidden corner of your closet. Give your bridal gown a gorgeous home with our quick and easy wedding dress cleaning and preservation services. You can also include your wedding day accessories (veil, garter, etc.) so instead of putting your carefully chosen wedding day outfit into standard storage, put it on display! Our preservation kits make the process simple and swift (at a great price!). Simply send us your wedding dress in the box provided, fill out a personalized order form, and drop it off for shipment. We take care of postage and even add insurance! Once we receive your bridal gown, we'll thoroughly yet gently clean it, making it look and feel as fresh as the day you first found your dream dress.

Bottom of a Dress

Protect and Preserve ...

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