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12 Tips for Planning a Multicultural Wedding

Trying to plan a wedding is complicated

enough, but add different religions, cultural customs, and family formalities into the mix, and you’ve got yourself a whole ‘nother layer of complexity! To help you out, we’ve come up with our top 12 tips for planning a multi-cultural wedding.


1- Communicate

Communicate openly with both sides of the family.

Communicate openly—not only with your fiancé but with both sides of the family as well. Communicate “your dreams” for the wedding and get their feedback early in the process to discuss which traditions they would like to incorporate.

2- Don't be ambiguous

3- Pick the right ceremony site.

4- Consider getting pre-marital counseling

5- Don't feel you have to put all your cultural eggs in one basket.

6 - Fend off the faux pas

7 - Personalize your ceremony

8 - Help your guests understand any special wedding rituals.

9 - Take advantage of ethnic traditions that do double duty.

10 -Get inventive with the food.

11- Schedule dance classes or dance rehearsals for family members before the big day.


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