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Bride And Groom Love Letter Anniversary Time Capsule

But with a slight twist!

An alternative to the traditional time capsule that includes wine... I'm just saying!

A romantic twist on traditional unity ceremonies, the love letter ceremony box presents the bride and groom with a unique, but inexpensive, wedding ceremony alternative. Like a wedding day time capsule, this box set encapsulates heartfelt letters that you and your spouse write to one another and lock away to be opened several years into your marriage.

Tip #1 - Include it in the wedding ceremony or make it a special honeymoon moment.

It can be included as part of your wedding ceremony and can be a tradition passed down to future generations. Have the elders of the family write a small handwritten note prior to the ceremony to be placed in the capsul.

Or make it a special moment as you to reflect on the moments of the day. For all the planning and preparation that goes into planning a wedding, the actual ceremony seems to be over in moments! Add special memories of the day once you've had time to reflect a bit.

Tip #2 - The box has everything you need to preserve and savor your memories.

The beautifully lined box comes with a pair of wine glasses with “I Do” and “I Do Too” etched on them, a set of specialized stationery for the bride and groom to write their love letters on, an example of the ceremony wording for the officiant to use on the big day recommended capsule ceremony instructions. There is no right way to do it... Have fun with it!

"Another beautiful way to put a twist on an old tradition" – Ka-Veronica

Tip #3 - Make it personal

With everything together in a kit, all that’s left to do is pick your favorite bottle of wine to lock away with your love letters. Plus, you can have the box personalized, engraving the couple’s names, the wedding date, or meaningful text on the lid of the box for a cheap additional price. Turning the box itself into a beautiful keepsake. A wedding day time capsule that the couple can open whenever they choose. A great idea for a special marriage celebration on your first, fifth, or even tenth-anniversary date.

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What a charming way to give an old tradition... A new twist!

Whichever method you choose this is a wonderful way to preserve your memories and relive them as often as you like.


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