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It's ok to show your spiritual side

Give your guest a glimpse of who you are

Make sure your personalities aren't lost in tradition.

It's important to remember that while tradition is important the whole point of the ceremony is to introduce yourselves as a couple to your friends and family. Incorporate things that have meaning to you and showcase your personalities as individuals and as a couple. Showing your spiritual side is ok

Incorporate your favorite hymns and worship songs in the ceremony as background music while guests are being seated or when you and the bridal party are walking down the aisle. Include the lyrics on your wedding program so guests who don't know the words can experience it as well.

How to incorporate prayer

You can ask your officiant to incorporate a wedding prayer into your ceremony, the two of you can share a prayer with your guest, have a member of your wedding party do a spiritual reading, or ask a parent to say a blessing. This is also a great chance to invite a family elder or guests of honor to participate in your ceremony by reciting your chosen wedding prayer.

Don't worry about offending anyone

Most wedding guests understand that they are going to experience your culture and traditions, and are open to learning new things. But don't assume everyone knows what you are doing be sure to include explanations for things that are not self-explanatory.

Fun ethnic additions

If your wedding is multicultural resite your payer or read in both languages, you read a portion in English and have your significant other recite after you in his or her native language until you have completed the prayer, and add spiritually friendly music to play softly in the background. Allow your guest to take in the full weight of the moment.

We'd like to hear from you if you incorporate one of these ideas or have done something similar that was the highlight of your ceremony, share it with us.


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