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Things we learned along the way...

African American Bridal has been providing custom wedding accessories and gifts that are centered around the African and African American cultures for over 20 years 

Being a pioneer means not having a road map to follow, when we started our business in 2000 we had to think outside of the box to find ways to combine cultures and showcase our rich heritage... We invite your to learn and contribute too...

Here are some of the things we learned along the way. 

Empower Growth

Not our work but we had to share..

For nearly 24 years, since August of 2000, I have been crafting brooms with a deep sense of purpose and devotion. In a world where this ancient tradition has become more commercialized, and demonized, yet, widely discussed more than ever, its true essence often gets overshadowed. Few have truly captured the profound symbolism and the sacred reasons for upholding this practice with the honor and reverence it so richly deserves

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