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Couple Jumping the Broom |African AmericanBridal

I AM...

The Dreams of My Ancestors

Step into a realm where culture and class meet...From sleek and modern to ornate and traditional, our wedding broom collections boast over 30 styles, ensuring that there's a broom that speaks to the very heart of your vision. But why stop there? With our bespoke design service, you have the freedom to dream – to envision a wedding broom that is as unique as your love. 

Each wedding broom is a statement piece, a testament to your love and heritage. Let us create a treasure that will be a highlight of your special day and a cherished symbol of your heritage... Then pass it on!

Wedding Jumping Brooms

*All wedding broom products provided by American Bridal com are groomed and treated to protect against drying. All items are custom-made at the time of order placement. Each is made with quality silk flowers and other products.

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